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The CIC Team

Following the departure of David Markwell to take up a permanent post with the IHTSDO the Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd is no longer providing consulting and training services. For more details see the Home Page.

David Markwell (Principal Consultant)

David was a general medical practitioner for four years before being appointed as Technical Director of a company that developed and supplied clinical computer systems to GPs. He held that post for nearly four years before leaving to found the Clinical Information Consultancy in 1989.

David's main activities are concerned with the semantic design of health records, utilisation of clinical terminology (including SNOMED Clinical Terms) and health related electronic communications (including HL7 Version 3).

David was a member of the SNOMED (IHTSDO) Research and Innovation Committee (2007-2009). He was Chair of the SNOMED International Concept Model Working Group (2005-2009). David is also a past Chair of HL7 UK (2003-2005) and served on the HL7-UK Board since its formation in 1999 until 2006. From 1998 until 2000 he was deputy convenor or CEN TC251 WGI Health Informatics - Models and Communication. He has also been actively engaged in reviewing work with ISO TC315 related to standards for Electronic Health Record Communication and in particular the use of SNOMED CT within structured records.

David is the designer and principal developer of the CliniClue® range of terminology software tools. These include the widely adopted CliniClue Xplore browser and its subscription based add-ons CliniClue Xtra, Cliniclue Xtend and CliniClue Xploit (

In October 2011 David was appointed as Chief Implementation and Innovation Officer at the IHTSDO. He resigned his roles within CIC Ltd in order to take up his new post. As a result, until further notice, CIC Ltd is no longer open for new business.