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Supporting SNOMED CT Implementation

SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) is internationally recognised as the leading clinical terminology. By enabling more consistent representation of clinical information it offers many benefits to the delivery of health care. However, these benefits can only be realised by appropriate implementation of well-designed SNOMED CT enabled information systems.

A code system acts a little like the gearbox of a car. While a gearbox applies the power of the engine to the wheels, a coding system enables data that is entered and stored to be applied to the requirements for retrieval and reuse. The design of SNOMED CT includes many features that enhance its ability to perform this role. However, even the most advanced gearbox is only useful when it is used in a machine that does something useful. Similarly the key to delivering the potential benefits of SNOMED CT is effective implementation.

Detailed information on SNOMED CT Implementation is available in the SNOMED CT Technical Implementation Guide.

A more general introduction to actions to implement SNOMED CT within an organisation is available in Implementation Action Plan.

If you are interested in SNOMED CT implementaion you may wish to join the IHTSDO Implementation Special Interest Group.